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       Ever since entering into the new Millennium, Smart Grid has been greatly valued globally, especially by the well-developed countries and emerging economies, as a major approach to cope with climate changes and enhance energy efficiency. In Europe, European Union has defined Smart Grid Program as the core of its Energy Saving initiative and promotes Smart Meter and AMI solution in parallel.

       With the huge market potential, Smart Metering Solutions (Changsha) Co., Ltd. (SMSC), has won a few Head-End System (HES) projects in Austria. In these projects, SMSC offers self-developed HES UDIS (Universal Device Integration System) to multiple electric power utilities in Austria as part of the total Siemens E2E AMI solution.

       SMSC UDIS has the total capacity of connecting 2000k+ meter devices and is compatible with Siemens and multiple other major brand meter hardware, such as L+G, Elster, WEG, etc. It also supports all common communication protocols (DLMS/COSEM,IDIS, DSMR, MBUS and ANSI C12.19.) and methods (GPRS, G3 PLC, RF and Ethernet). All features above are enabling customer with an adequate system scale and variety of hardware / communication alternatives.

       In addition to basic requirements, the Austrian customers are quite demanding in the aspect of system security. By adopting the Gateway + PLC meter option, SMSC UDIS utilizes multiple methods such as DLMS/COSEM encryption and authentication, Https, etc. to fully meet customer demand and ensure data security from end to end.

       Distributed deployment and extendable functions are two of the many features worth mentioning. The intelligent modular design enables functions such as billing, reporting, data verification, alert and alarm processing, etc. to be added to the system platform based on varied customer requirements. With strong RD support, SMSC UDIS is striving to offer stable and flexible HES solution for customers around the globe and cater the growing needs in Smart Metering.

       For more information, pls refer to our website: http://smsc-siemens.com/

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