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Operational Service
System Overview
Since 2009, almost every power companies in China have been devoted to developing smart electricity meters, which leads to the result that there are not enough labor and technology for maintaining these meters as well as other devices’ working. As a supplier and service provider of smart meters and a system of energy management, our company uses operation cloud platforms, the tools of operation and maintenance and various techniques to supply professional operation and maintenance service containing smart electricity meters, concentrators, communication and analysis of system statistics to Administration of Power Supply, so that we can make sure that the indicators of the whole acquisition system are capable of meeting the need of the system.

From 2016, new energy industries such as solar power stations and charging station for electric vehicles have developed rapidly. However, because of the lack of techniques we can only dependent on the traditional manual way, which can not guarantee timeliness and accuracy when there are some emergencies. Thanks to the “cloud service” platform, our company is able to have access to the gathered information of low voltage users, power distribution users, solar power stations and charging-piles. In this way, we can provide a perfect solution for the users from providing inspection, maintenance and repairs to analyzing statistics and management of devices for the whole life circle.
Solution Features
  1. One-stop services: solving problems such as uneven operation and maintenance technological level, huge labor used, high cost and low efficiency for clients . Offering one-stop services from checking, maintaining and fixing devices to analyzing data and managing device lifecycle.
  2. Standardized operation and management: building up standard process of operation and maintenance, building up unified knowledge base for operation and management, standard evaluation and management system for operation and maintenance.
  3. Founding system of operation and maintenance: operation and maintenance system offered by our company is not only simply fixing faults or emergency, but a system with scientific standard and normative management. This system covers operation, maintenance as well as management for all processes of operation and maintenances, tools needed and knowledge base for operation and maintenance. Moreover this system can offer normal and sustainable service for the stable operation of data collection system.
Service Scope
  1. Operation and maintenance of low voltage data collectingFrom installing to debugging to commission, we will try our best to offer operation and maintenance service to the whole life circle of electricity users’ local data collecting devices like meters, data collecting devices, channel of communication, system for primary station to meet clients’ index requirement.
  2. Operation and maintenance of new energy sourcesOffering operation and maintenance’ s management solution from every aspects for customers about new energy like PV power station, electric vehicles’ charge spots. On the one side, we provide customers remote online monitoring technology service through internet. On the other side, professional technicians will offer offline operation and maintenance services.
  3. Big data of operation and maintenancesIntroducing concept of big data mining, building model of data analysis and inputing raw data by the interface can realize functions like line loss analysis, burglar-proof electricity analysis, life circle management for equipments and more.
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