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Operational Service

Project Backupground

  1. Customer informationPower company of a city
  2. Customer ProblemLow rate of success of data collection, difficulty for the bill of energy recycling, handling complaints untimely
  3. Project TargetImprove data collection success rate to 99.88%, handle complaints and recycle the bill of energy timely
  4. Project Size220k residents in one district of the city

Our Solution

  1. Our operation & maintenance service solution for the meter data management system:
    • Improve the success rate of data collection from 97% to 99.88%
    • Bug analysis traceability
    • Smart work order management
    • Monthly billing cycle support and payment reminder

Benefits to customer

  1. After using SMSC operation and maintenance service cloud platform, customer’s meter data collection rate increased to 99.88%, SMSC provided powerful support on monthly meter reading and payment reminder.
  2. Monthly reduce customer’s manual labor on onsite metering reading accumulated 2000 times by Operation and Maintenance Service. The probability that retrieves electric charge timely every month raises 20 percent. About 30 percent cost is saved for customers every month.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Customer agreed SMSC to provide operation & maintenance service to other 3 district 800k residents in the same city in 2017.
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