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Energy Efficiency/Energy Management System
System Overview
After 2000, due to excessive use of high carbon energy, climate change, serious disasters to human life. In order to achieve the goal of human and nature harmonious coexistence, change the existing way of life, save energy and protect the ecological environment. China has paid a lot attention on supporting monitoring energy cost, saving energy as well as cutting emission since “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Conserving Energy” was published in 2007. Though numerous solutions about energy management have come out after years of development, deficiencies still exist in unifying aspects like monitoring, management and controlling as a whole.

Based on abundant experience of Siemens in Energy, Controlling and Software field, by using different kinds of metering devices with message ability and several kinds of local controlling devices, “Energy & Efficiency managing platform (E2 Platform)” not only can achieve automatic collection, census together with analysis of data about water, electricity, gas as well as heat consumption but also can monitor in real time, even can accomplish partially intellectualized energy-saving management. With the help of this system, users can build up energy working and managing solution with high efficiency easily. By this system evaluating the result of saving energy, the solution provided will be updated. On the one hand, E2 Platform applies to public buildings of large scale like governments, institution, hospital and school. On the other hand, there are also solutions for data centers, industrial park, companies and even which can be combined with “Smart Home”. In addition to the application of domestic industries, E2 Platform has participated in the local industrial park, smart home of Hong Kong and Taiwan and supports government and companies energy conservation and emission reduction by acquired energy consumption data.
Solution Features
  1. All-round, sophisticated energy unitary managing solution: containing not only software with proprietary intellectual property rights but also all-round hardware like data gateway, meters of water, electricity, gas, heat, electric switch, inverter, sensor, DDC and PLC.
  2. Flexible framework of software platform: configurable, unify designing; modularized functions; supporting diverse hardware and software platform.
  3. Widely data access: support and compatibility to protocols like “Technical guide for data transmission of energy consumption in national office buildings and large-scale buildings”, “South net protocol”, ”National Network 376.1”, ”IEC104 protocol”, ”MODBUS protocol”, ”BACnet protocol”, ”CGC protocol”.
  4. Access to cloud platform: display on cloud platform which aims at photovoltaic and energy managing in “Smart Home” can reduce local servers together with decrease the cost of constructing platform, which contributes to concentrative operation.
  5. Access to Smart Home: Aim at the monitoring needs of families to energy consumption nowadays, unifying complete Smart Home devices to achieve collection, analysis and display of energy used of the whole family.
System Architecture
System Functions
  1. Real-time monitoringReal-time display room air conditioning, lighting, equipment operation, and make statistics. Control all kinds of equipments according to the relevant strategies.
  2. Analysis of energy consumptionAccording to the different types of energy from the total energy consumption per capita energy consumption/energy consumption per unit area of multi-dimensional trend of energy consumption, such as contrast, rank, accounted for analysis.
  3. Bills and network lossSupport real-time calculation, rush fee, and through SMS to malicious owe users can remotely power operation can realize partition leakage monitoring, monitoring by the map display.
  4. Advanced applicationOffer some advanced applications, such as energy planning, energy prediction, energy quality, the assessment of energy and energy balance optimization, etc., to meet customer demand.
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