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IM series smart meterPM series keyboard-prepay smart meterAM300 series smart meter
  1. IM series products are advanced smart electric meters in IEC standard AMI market. This series of products can be widely used for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial consumers.
  2. IM series products can measure four-quadrant forward/reverse active and reactive power, as well as neutral current. Also, IM supports TOU, Max 8 tariffs and real-time alarm for tamper, open case and magnetic detecting.
  3. IM series products are approved with MID, CNAS, SABA, SESB conforming IEC or EN standard by relevant famous labs like KEMA, NMI and SGS.
  4. IM series products comply with AMI market communication protocol: comply with DLMS/COSEM standard (IEC62056), support GPRS\3G, G3PLC, RF and MODBUS communications, and also support local/distance software upgrade.
Technical Specifications
  1. PM series keyboard- prepayment smart meter is designed to meet the latest standards and requirements of electricity utilities for global prepayment metering markets.
  2. PM series STS product can work together with different vending system using high security and enhanced reliability with 20 digits TOKEN for energy purchase and transaction. It can be applied to residential and commercial consumers for outdoor and indoor application.
  3. PM Series prepayment meters comply with the IEC62055-41, IEC62056-21(IEC61107), and other relevant international standards.
  4. The currency of PM series meters is superior to 1.0 grade, and its working frequency is 50 or 60 Hz. PM series meters support tamper detect, optical port, RS485, AMR communications, which is faced to international smart prepayment market.
Technical specifications
  1. AM300 series are static, poly-phase electricity meters for commercial and industrial (C&I) market. It meets or exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for electricity metering and is certified for use for industrial and electric utility customers.
  2. The class of accuracy of AM300 is superior to 0.2 grade stipulated by ANSIC 12.20. The working frequency is 60Hz, wide working voltage is AC120V to 480V, mutual inductor meter CL is 20A, and the direct meter CL is 200A.AM300 series complies with ANSI C12.18, and support Optical 2 photo-communication port.
  3. AM300 series are based on module design, as well as a flexible platform that allows utilities to integrate their customers more easily into large-scale AMR systems provide AMR expanding interface, are able to expand GPRS/3G, RF, PLC and Ethernet communication module and etc.
Technical Specifications
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