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       Solar energy is becoming increasingly important as the issue of global warming is getting even more serious by the day. Being available for the long-term, not relying on fossil fuels and carbon neutral, solar energy has become one of the best choices in modern world to achieve sustainability. As a socially responsible company, SMSC is also seeking possible solution to balance business growth with environmental friendliness, of which solar energy is one important approach.

       In early 2018, Siemens has built its very first Distributed Energy System (“DES”) program for Photovoltaic in China, for which Smart Metering Solutions (Changsha) (“SMSC”) is supplying its self-developed EMS system as a crucial part of the turn-key project.


PV Overview

       The program was launched in a Siemens operating company in Suzhou. Nearly 4000 solar panels were installed at flat rooftops of multiple factory buildings, outputting a total of 1 MW of electric power once it is in operation. All the solar panels are digitally networked by smart IoT. The operating status and efficiency of each panel are monitored by the EMS on real-time basis (in statistics or real-time image as it is integrated with online surveillance system). Therefore, the malfunctioned panel can be detected immediately and alerted for required maintenance. In addition, the EMS system calculates the total amount of power generated per day / month / year, enabling estimation on PV power generation based on accumulated weather data.

PV Panel Monitoring

Overview on Energy Consumption

       Besides, the EMS system has also a comprehensive visual display on the water / energy consumption / efficiency of the entire factory area, as well as smart ranking and analysis on energy consumption in different time periods / buildings, etc. providing user with references for energy saving and related decision-making.

       After a few weeks of system deployment and trial run, the EMS system from SMSC has been well-acknowledged by Siemens and its factory in Suzhou. As a pioneer project of EMS applied in photovoltaic DES, the Suzhou factory case helps setting up a solid reference for SMSC EMS solution. With the growing potential of rooftop photovoltaic practices, the project provides a new business model which can be replicated to factory buildings all over China or even abroad.

       For more information, pls refer to our website: http://smsc-siemens.com/

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