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Head End System
System overview
Since 2010, Utilities all over the world start to promote the development of smart power grid and plan to replace mechanical meter with smart meter. This allows remote reading of meter data to increase billing efficiency and reduce human intervention. Recently, lots of Utilities had already completed technical investigation and plan to start roll-out of smart meters / HES, but frequent interaction between system and smart meters brings huge challenges to communication.
The system is designed to solve the problem of multi- meters, communication complexity and standardization in protocol. it is a unify, open and integrated system, support remote reading and manage the data from water, electricity and gas metering device, and the advance metering management and analysis function, which including line loss analysis, power quality analysis etc.
System Features
  1. High extendibility and capacity Support distributed deployment; expansibility, integrate more than 2 millions electricity and water metering device.
  2. Open platform Using technologies about SOA, this system offers a series of standardized norms to access. The system is open and can be seamlessly linked to different MDM. It also supports cross-linguistic access like C++, C# and JAVA.
  3. Multi venderSupport data acquisition from multi venders, which include L+G, Elster, Siemens and WEG etc.
  4. Multi protocol and communicationSupport DLMS/COSEM, IDIS, DSMR, MBUS and ANSI C 12.19 etc;GPRS, G3 PLC, RF, Ethernet, etc.
  5. Modular design and expansibilitysupport to add the advance metering functions, which include billing, reporting, VEE and alarm handling etc.
  6. High securitySupport DLMS/COSEM safety levels, Windowns AD integration, Https and more.
  7. Advanced metering functionSupporting line loss analysis, power quality analysis, substation monitoring and load analysis etc.
System Architecture
System Function
  • Supporting the Head end system standard functionalities, which include schedule reading, on demand reading, time synchronization, connect/disconnect, parameter setting, events and alarm reporting, firmware upgrade etc. and the advance metering functions, line loss analysis, load analysis, exception handing, substation monitoring, power quality analysis and VEE etc.
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