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Project Background

  1. Customer information An office building
  2. Project Target Building energy consumption dynamic monitoring, data acquisition, storage, energy consumption, to meet the office buildings and large public building energy consumption statistics, analysis, report and release. Promote the healthy and ordered development of energy consumption quota and energy-efficient reformation for abuildings.
  3. System capacity Access in two buildings now, the reserved access not less than 50 buildings.
  4. Communication RS485, TCP/IP
  5. ProtocolModbus, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Energy Consumption Data Transfer Guidance

Our Solution

  1. Solution overview and technical architecture:Adopt hierarchical and distributed architecture, itemized metering device installation within the building, the real-time monitoring using state of each circuit.Classification, conversation and transformation by adopting scientific and reasonable statistic methodology for energy consumption. Finally provide a basis for energy-saving plans by unified coal standard. Achieve goal of environment protection by operation management and energy-saving reformation.
  2. Main Functions:
    • Real-time monitoring of energy consumption
    • Energy consumption analysis, evaluation, fair show
    • Energy data provided

Benefits to customer

  1. The energy consumption of buildings can be known by the platform.
  2. Energy consumption evaluation system is established by quota and benchmarking management, which provides the basis for internal assessment.
  3. By the data analysis of the platform, change the way of energy use to achieve the purpose of rational use of energy.
  4. Managing energy effectively by reducing phenomena like opened condition with nobody, continuous light and water leakage, saves customers 15 percent energy consumption and obeys government's energy conservation and emission reduction policy.
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