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Power Business
Power Group Meter Data Management (MDM)

Project Background

  1. Customer information Power Grid Company
  2. Project Target Help customer achieve centralized metering data acquisition, processing, storage, analysis and demonstration to improve current metering automation.
  3. System capacity 200 thousands 3-phase meters, 5 million residential meters. The number of system users is about 10 thousands. Concurrency is not less than 1,000.
  4. CommunicationEthernet, GPRS/CDMA
  5. ProtocolGD376

Our Solution

  1. Solution overview and technical architecture Provincial level centralized MDM system integrated application solution with full distributed and redundancy cluster architecture.
  2. Main FunctionsAcquirement of provincial energy metering data, supporting energy cost settlement, three-phase imbalance monitoring, line loss management, cost control management, alarm order, etc.

Benefits to customer

    • Get meter reads remotely and automatically to improve metering management and power grid planning.Solves problems in manual meter reading like reading error, poor timeliness, heavy load on labor and high cost, saves 90 percent cost of manual meter reading for customer.
    • Get meter reads in time and accurately, calculates line loss automatically to achieve more effective line loss management.
    • Support cost controlling mode to solving difficulties in retrieving electric charges for grid company and offering convenient payment channel for end users. And Optimize management and service quality to customers.
    • Gather more and more data of grid running status to support data mining, data application and digitalization.
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