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Meter Data Management System(MDM)
System Overview
The electricity metering data automatic acquisition has being more and more popular since the early 21st century. The application scope and effects are keeping expanding those covers power generation, transmission, distribution, utilization and any other sections for both civil and enterprise, During “12th Five-Year Plan”, MDM system in China has been created one after another to realize electrical meter data acquisition securely, metering management intensively and application standardized, to reach the goal of ”cover all meters, collect all data, control all by expenses, to support bidirectional interactive smart grid, to improves marketing management of grid companies.

Our Metering Data Management System (WF98++), which is an automatic metering data reading system and data mining system manly developed for grid companies, is including integrated applications for substations, C&I, distribution monitoring & low voltage metering of residential. This system, which follows the design of open & universal platform, componentized & modularized features, reads energy consumption data and instantaneous data such as kW, kVar from meters automatically, and do analysis about energy quality, energy consumption, on-grid energy, bus bar imbalances, line losses, demand side management, anti-fraud based on meter reads.Not only offers data supporting for marketing automatic reading meters and settlement and high-quality services for customers, but also provides effective means for production department’s optimal operation and planning of power grid as well as cut the network loss.
Solution Features
  1. Supportting multiple communication channels & protocols Data collection covers a wide range of metering devices, including power generation, sub-stations, special transformers, distribution transformers and low voltage residential. It supports multiple communication mode, such as GPRS/CDMA, 230M, 2M dedicated line, network, dial-up connection, Bei-dou satellite, optical fiber and more communication mode. It also supports almost all electrical communication protocols on the market, IEC102, GD 376, CSG protocol and others.
  2. Strong ability of metering data acquisition & processing Communication & Acquisition Cluster is adapted to support load balanced, high available. Technologies like Stream Calculating, Distributed Synergic Services, Data Sharding and Micro-services are utilized to fulfill the requirement of access to over 30 millions linearly increasing electricity meters, handling amounts of data and high concurrency Web accesses.
  3. Open platform Technological platformization, modularized features, supporting diversified hardware and software platform.
  4. Supporting security protection system The system framework fulfills the security policy of longitudinal encryption and lateral isolation. Data collection, device controlling and business applications are deployed at different security zone. Follow “Regulations on Security and Protection of Power Monitoring and Control”.
System Architecture
System Functions
  1. Acquisition managementMetering device & parameter management, synchronizing clock for system & devices, reads data from meter remotely.
  2. Data managementDevice alarm management, data verification, electric quantity analysis, power load analysis based on meter reads.
  3. Business applicationOnline metering devices monitoring, outage report, running status analysis of distribution system, voltage monitoring, line loss analysis, expense controlled management, power load shifting and electric inspection. Offering data support to business on the base of high quality of data collection, operation and management.
  4. System managementAs an assistant module for system, it supports system maintaining customer organization, staff and authority to secure users reasonably utilizing the system. It can also maintain and manage system global parameters about business, offering knowledge community service, etc.
  5. Public service platformIntegrated with third-party system (like marketing system), containing configuration management, service monitoring, and interface log, safety certification, handling anomaly, data publishment and files’ synchronization. Offering support to data and message sharing between different systems.
  6. Knowledge communityRealizing a platform for sharing system knowledge. Users can share experiences accumulated in works and make exchange & discussion about problems.
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